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Is T-Series Finally Going To Overtake PewDiePie With B-Town’s Help?

Published on 12 March, 2019 at 2:08 pm By

It won’t be wrong to say that YouTube has become the biggest platform to connect with the world. Whether it is news, opinions, viral videos, advertisements or live streaming, we are addicted to YouTube like anything. It has become a necessity and a way of life. Another great thing is the popularity of YouTubers. The better you talk and entertain, the bigger star you become.


We know that T-series is India’s biggest YouTube channel, and now it is aspiring to be the world’s no 1. The only thing standing in its way is PewDiePie.



PewDiePie is a famous Swedish Youtuber. He makes videos of himself reacting to things, playing games and doing live comedy.

As per YouTube, he currently has 88,970,455 followers whereases T-series has 88, 874, 257.  Seeing this close battle, Bhushan Kumar has urged people to subscribe to T-series and make it the leading YouTube channel in the world.



Well, this victory will put us on the global map in the digital world. Also, Bollywood seems all pumped up for this mission, and they are trending #BharatWinsYouTube on Twitter.








T-Series has been the leading music label in India since the 1990s. Founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1983, T-series currently owns 29 YouTube channels which makes content in different languages. As per the recent records, T-Series overtook PewDiePie on March 9, but the YouTuber regained the lead in next 3 minutes. The same thing happened again on March 11th, and it took ‘PewDiePie’ only 18 minutes to regain the lead. We are not going to give up so easily. Right, guys? Will you show your support for T-Series? Share your thoughts in comments.

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