Syrian Women Burn Burqas That ISIS Made Them Wear

9:37 pm 22 Jul, 2017


After a long time, families of Syrian people were freed from ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), led by the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

Syrian women were seen burning their burqas and men getting their face shaved as they finally got free of ISIS, the terrorist organization which was forcing their people to live in a certain way and curtailing their human rights.

Women burnt their burqas which were imposed by ISIS as they suggested that ladies should cover their faces and wear loose garments. They were oppressed with extreme brutality.

Women taking off their Burqa as a sign of liberation. Twitter/DefenceUnits



One woman cried,

Give me a lighter, I’m going to burn this. May these clothes they forced us to wear be damned!

Another civilian pointed to a woman’s black robes and said,

Burn these, may Allah burn them. They burned my father, they burned my father.

She added,

I wish he was with us now in this happy time.

Small children gathered around a woman who said,

They killed my father. They killed my husband. They fired a mortar at my house. My husband was outside, he was hit and died.

People of Raqqa are seen removing Burqa. Twitter/DefenceUnits


A man told a barber to shave off the long beard he was forced to grow under ISIS rule, saying,

Cut it all off just to spite them.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said it was the first time in several weeks that the Syrian military had launched an attack in that area.

The Syrian army has active front lines with ISIS in Raqqa’s western countryside, where it has recaptured territory from the jihadists.

As reported in Dailymail, One girl around 12 years old described how women accused of stealing had their hands immersed in boiling oil.

A 10-year old girl said fighters scolded her for wearing a red T-shirt.

39-year-old Fatima Mohammed said,

We were living under unimaginable psychological pressure, God only knows. There was a state of terror inside every home.

Burning their burqas. Twitter/DefenceUnits


Mohammed said one scene set the tone for her for the three years under ISIS rule — a 14-year old who had been accused of theft begging for his life as a militant raised a sharp knife over his head in a public square.

‘He kept saying I am innocent,’ she said. The boy tried to fend off the knife with his hands, she said, then the fighter finally shot him twice in the head.

Another brutal incident reported was by Halima al-Hamouda, a 32-year-old mother of four from Raqqa city. She said her then-12-year-old daughter was harassed by an ISIS nurse who asked her to marry a fighter of the group.

Her son, now 12, was taken to the police station for wearing jeans and he and his father reprimanded.

She herself was flogged for showing her hands, breaking strict Sharia laws that she stay covered from head to toe in dark colors.

Men are getting their beard clean as opposed to what ISIS asked to grow long. Twitter/DefenceUnits


The terrorist group has unleashed morality police on people which instructed people what to wear and how to behave. They were told not to leave home without a male guardian. It was unbearable for people of Syria for living in refugee tents and voice their opinion.

Syrian warplanes carried out air strikes against ISIS where people of Raqqa were captured. Finally out of the clutches of ISIS, people celebrate their liberation and miss their family members who were killed by heartless ISIS members.



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