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NO Western Media Will Show You This Chart Which Reveals The TRUE Face Of Syrian Rebels

Published on 17 December, 2016 at 4:30 pm By

Aleppo is falling…into Bashar al-Assad’s hands. As the regime forces make their advance into the city, there has been a deluge of “last messages” on social media – random people, supposedly from Aleppo, saying their final goodbyes to the world in videos posted on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, the mainstream media in the US – which, quite ironically, supports voices protesting the democratically elected Donald Trump – has latched onto those videos in their quest to highlight the “demonic” and undemocratic image of the Syrian President. That the videos are questionable is what these mainstream media houses are not even considering.

It is true that people in Aleppo are fleeing. Where exactly and from whom is another thing.


Note that people trapped in Mosul, too, have been fleeing as Iraqi forces continue to march into the heart of the Islamic State stronghold in Iraq. These people are not fleeing out of fear of Iraqi forces but because of a genuine fear of death in the crossfire between government troops and Islamic State barbarians. The same parallel can be drawn in Aleppo’s case, too.


Residents escape the fighting in Aleppo as Syrian forces enter the city. Reuters

However terrible all of this sound to the ears of the so-called ‘saviours of humanity’ and ‘upholders of democracy’, the advance of Syrian forces into Aleppo might prove to be way better had rebel forces advanced into Damascus.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a Lebanese-American author of ‘The Black Swan’, which is hailed as one of the 12 most influential books since World War II. He has been actively condemning the one-sided ‘liberal’ views of the Western intellectuals – who he calls Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYT).


Nassim Nicholas Taleb at a lecture. DeCorrespondent

As an example of his views, this is what he posted on Twitter as his comment on the obsession of the istophobes with the immigrants coming in from North Africa and Middle East into Europe and elsewhere in the West:


In a blog post written on December 15, Taleb makes a RARE unbiased commentary on the ongoing crisis, reveals the REAL IMAGE of the rebel forces, and exposes the ISLAMIST FAVOURING media of the west besides pointing at the REAL ENEMY of the world.

This chart compares Assad and his forces to the rebels they have been fighting:

Taleb’s only question, which the western ‘liberal’ media has NEVER posed before anyone, is: Is there anything in the left column that is worse than the right column?


Taleb is not making airy assumptions in his comparison. He is currently serving as the Professor of Risk Engineering at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering and is a scientific adviser at Universa Investments. He has profound knowledge of mathematical finance, hedge funds, and derivatives trading. So, basically, unlike scores of ‘informed’ journalists and ‘expert’ political analysts, Taleb is a man of numbers.

And he is not a fan of Assad. That Taleb’s analysis is unbiased can be understood from the fact that Assad “blew up my house in Amioun when my grandfather, then MP, voted for Bashir”. Yet he writes:

“As a scientist and a humanist, I have been setting my grudge aside in considering the far, far, far, greater cancer of Salafism or Islamofascism. One may ask: are the ‘rebels’ all theocratic Salafis? No, but the groups became progressively so by the minority rule: you put a single Salafi in a group of five, and the five behave as Salafis. This, aside from Wahabi [sic] funding.”

It is true that the rebels have among their ranks Al Qaeda members and Al Nusra members, before many among the latter joined the Islamic State. The rebels ARE Islamists and ARE opposed to every other sect except Salafis. The revolution may have started against Assad’s dictatorship but it has since assumed the shape of another Islamic regime hell bent upon destroying everyone who does not follow the Wahhabi school of thought.

The most obvious fact that the biased media didn’t draw anyone’s attention to is that the Islamic State, even at its strongest, NEVER attacked the rebels despite them being right next to one another in Syria.

Why? Because of ideological similarities to a degree.


Among the Syrian rebels were many, many Al Qaeda members (Al Nusra). Strategic-Culture

The Obama administration has been supporting these very rebels supplying them with sophisticated arms and military intelligence. Of course, the propaganda campaign in the media has been maintained throughout in favour of the rebels.


Syria’s devastation is one of the worst chapters of human history and Assad IS a dictator who should not be power but what is far more worse is the fact that self-proclaimed secularists, democracy supporters and liberals closed their eyes to the bigger, nay, biggest danger to world peace – Wahhabi Islamification.

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