What Syrian Rebels Did To Captive Islamic State Terrorists Shows True Form Of Islam

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4:33 pm 11 Dec, 2015


You have seen Islamic State fighters brutally beheading innocents on camera. You have seen them looming like demons over their victims, who are dressed in orange jumpsuits.


Syrian Rebels pardon


So when the rebels got an opportunity to do the same to the barbarians, there was no reason for them not to do so.


They dressed the Islamic State fighters in their captivity in orange jumpsuits and paraded them.


They forced them to kneel and stood behind them with guns in hand, ready to shoot.



But then they did what they were not expected to do. They put their guns back in the holsters and pulled off their masks.


Then they walked away leaving those barbarians kneeling, afraid of their fate.


A cleric then appears and tells the Islamic State captives that what just happened is what true Muslims do. He tells them:


The video has been created by the Levant Front – a coalition of fighters battling the Islamic State and the Assad government in Aleppo. You can watch it here:




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