This Sweet Gesture Made By A Single Parent Will Make Your Heart Melt!

1:17 pm 17 Aug, 2018


“Your family is your everything”, whosoever said this was damn right. For instance, just as a seed needs water, air, and soil for nourishment, a child also needs love care and support to grow. It takes more than guts to raise a child all by yourself (without your significant half). What makes things worse is that you have to fight a constant battle. A battle which involves society, objections, allegations, and doubts. And trust us, you’ll love the effort of this single parent who made it possible against all the odds.

It all depends on you, and your attempts, whether you want to make things work. After all, you’ll have to solely fulfill the duties of both.  And that’s exactly why this sweet gesture made by a single parent in Thailand will make your heart melt.



As per a media report, a single dad Chatchai Parn-uthai from Thailand wore a light pink lace dress and attended the mother’s day celebration at his son’s school. Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on the 12th of August. Apparently, he did it so that his son can enjoy the programme too! Well, that’s something which definitely deserves a big salute.



In the video, it is clear that he is looking really happy while attending the function and it seems that this video has gone viral!

Now see the video:




As per the report, It has been three years since Chatchai and his wife have parted ways. Well, all that we can learn from this video is that if you really love someone, then there are no excuses.



Now the point here is, can you even imagine something like this happening in India? The answer is, that it’s difficult. We have to broaden our horizon and minds. We must surpass the stereotypes associated with the same.



Life is supposed to be lived freely and at one’s own will, what this man did was solely his choice and as per us, absolutely correct! What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments section below!