Why Sweden Will Become The First European Country To Fall To Immigrant Civilization

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Sweden reports the world’s second highest rape incidences following Lesotho in Africa. With 58.9 rapes per 100,000 of the population, Sweden is a horror land for women. Arrests are made but, quite strangely, the names of the perpetrators are never revealed. Swedish politicians, the press and the courts are least bothered about convictions.

What is shocking is that despite being a Nordic – and by default European – country, Swedish authorities are more concerned about being “politically correct” than being honest and save their women. The country’s officials and the liberal politicians continue to downplay the horrific incidences.


A couple of days ago, the gang-rape of a Swedish woman was live-streamed on Facebook by the perpetrators. It was watched by around 200 people before the police intervened and the video stopped.

The police arrested the three men, who are between 18 and 24. There were other men, too, and the incidence happened for some hours, as per a witness who immediately called the police after watching it.

In the live feed, the men are seen laughing at the woman, tearing her clothes off, and holding a revolver.


One of the other perpetrators of the gang-rape of the woman in Sweden. Nordfront

Reports covering the incident merely stated what has been written above. The major media outlets in Sweden did not reveal the names of the men and also blurred their images.

Yet a handful of media outlets revealed who the men are and that is the truth Sweden’s politicians and the ‘liberal’ media do not want the world to hear.

According to Nordfront.se the main perpetrator in the video is a man called Emil Khodagholi, an Arab migrant. He is a repeat offender having been previously arrested for an assault on a 16-year-old in 2012.


Emil Khodagholi, the prime perpetrator of the gang-rape of the woman in Sweden which was live-streamed on Facebook. Nordfront

Another man in the video is clearly of Middle Eastern origin. He laughs hysterically as he holds a phone with the screen showing the rape.

This is not the first time that migrants from North Africa and the Arab world have been found to have a hand in rapes and other crimes.

Such is the threat to women in Sweden from the young migrant men, first or second generation, that two girls were forced to invent a belt that can prevent the rapist from undressing a woman. This was in 2005. Twelve years down the line and Sweden’s rape problem has only increased.

The 2010 rape and murder of Elin Krantz by an Ethiopian immigrant shook Sweden but the authorities quickly hushed the crime up. Swedish liberals did not learn anything from the incident, which was neither isolated not singular.


Swedish model Elin Krantz (left) and the Ethiopian migrant who raped and killed her.

In 1975 Sweden opened its doors to all immigrants under a policy that has been criticised for being without checks. Basically, anyone can enter Sweden from the Arab world and will be granted residency permits whether or not the person has valid documents.

Rapes of Swedish women are common but the press never publishes the names of perpetrators because they want to be “politically correct”.

For a long time now Swedish politicians have been harbouring waves and after waves of migrants from the Middle East, and now North Africa as well, into their homes. Such has been Sweden’s liberal stance that it has chosen to let go of its own cultural values, freedom and predominant faith so that the migrants, all of whom are from North Africa or Arab world, do not feel “offended”.


It is like an entire state machinery is trying to save the rapists because of their religion and ethnicity.

And such is the viciousness of the liberal media, the politicians and the istophobes of the country that they forced an elected leader Mauricio Rojas – himself a Chilean immigrant – to go into exile after he criticised the immigration policy and drew attention to migrant connection with the rise in crime in Sweden.

Rojas was not wrong. The migrants have been found to be overwhelmingly involved in crimes in Sweden. Even official statistics initially said so. But since the stats were telling the truth, the government decided to remove mention of ethnicity from the stats.

Gatestone Institute report reveals that 40 years after Sweden opened its doors to immigrants from the Arab world and the North Africa, rape went up by a shocking 1,472 per cent and violent crimes by 300 per cent.

The report slammed Swedish courts for acquitting rapists after they claimed that the woman they raped “wanted to have sex” with as many as seven men.


This is why the gang-rape of the Swedish woman will be forgotten soon by her own country and the liberal media of the world, who has all the time in the world to take out women marches against democratically elected US President Donald Trump.

Sweden will be the first European country which will lose its identity and its liberalism to the very migrants and their culture whose crimes they are hiding.