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Ever Tried Bull Testicles? Visit Sweden’s Newly-opened Disgusting Food Museum For More!

Published on 5 November, 2018 at 3:28 pm By

If you thought that the world is full of only tasty breakfasts then explore it further to know what is and what isn’t edible. When it comes to food, one person’s “yuck” could easily be another person’s “yum.” This idea led to people come up with the new Disgusting Food Museum, which has opened in Malmo, Sweden. You can check out Chinese bull’s penis, Bull testicles, Maggot-infested cheese. American root beer, and mice wine. Yes, Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum will make you instantly gag at the very sight, taste and even smell of the food!

Disgusted or curious now? In Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum you’ll also find stuffed guinea pigs, dry turtle soup, soybeans fermented with bacteria, spicy rabbit heads and fruit bat soup!




Interestingly, the curator Samuel West feels this temporary exhibition at Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum is aimed at changing the appetizer taste-buds.



The idea of gross food challenging my perceptions of taste seems a bit eerie but that’s the purpose of displaying such 80 delectable dishes!




Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum features such smelly delicacies that you can preview them only in a glass jar.



A new educational pop-up concept, this temporary museum allows visitors to face their worst food fears but picky eaters stay clear!



For the European, this exhibit includes frog smoothies from Peru, Iceland’s cured shark, and Sardinia’s Casu Marzu cheese, to name a few.



Not just that, there’s Asian foods also which include the strong-smelling Durian fruit and stinky tofu.



One such display is Rootbeer which tastes like toothpaste to some people, but making it straight to the museum’s floors is enough to make you cringe.



But the real shocker is this container of baby mice wine seen in China and Korea. Baby mice are drowned and then brewed in rice wine for a year before consumption.



Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum is scheduled to run until January 27, 2019, at the Slagthuset MMX in Malmo. It exhibits gross food items from 35 countries.



Intrigued by the ‘vomit’ tickets? Well, don’t be as these entry tickets are just printed on sick bags so everybody feels as disgusted as everyone else around them!




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