23 Things Every Person Who Sweats A Lot Has To Face

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7:40 pm 16 Sep, 2015

Sweating can be  called a plague, which has no solution. If you are a person who sweats a lot you would probably call sweat your ‘body rain’. Well, they are people who face various awkward and embarrassing situations every day in their life only because of sweat. Have a look at things every person who sweats alot has to face.

1. You hit the panic button when you miss your deodorant at home.

2. Frequently rushing to washrooms to wipe the sweat accumulated over your face.

3. People think you are working long hours in view of the sweat accumulated on your face.

4. You suffered from answer papers getting wet due to sweaty palms.

5. Your clothes stick to your body and your thighs stick to the table if you sit for long.

6. Wherever you sit, you leave a stain! Remember the butt mark?

7. As soon as you complete taking shower, you start sweating right there in bathroom.

8. You always stay away from white as it shows off some creative sweat stains.

9. You are the person who always wants to be seated right in front of AC.

10. And that moment when your crush does not want to meet you again because you sweat a lot.

11. You are actually sick of hearing ‘sweat can be controlled’.

12. Summer days are unsaid agony which only people who sweat will understand.

13. You keep sniffing your clothes before you attend your clients or talk to your boss.


14. You are sick of trashing clothes because now they have permanent sweat stains on them.

15. You cannot imagine a day without your handkerchief. It is the only savior.

16. It becomes a nightmare when you have to meet new people.

17. It’s embarrassing when someone makes an ‘Eww’ face due to sweat falling down your face and neck.

18. Sometime you want to rush home as your shirt starts stinking due to sweat.

19. You lose your temper if the current goes off.

20. You are sick of looking at your mother’s expression while you are sweating.

21. You try to cover up the situation if someone has ever questioned you about the smell or your sweaty body.

22. You research online on how to get dry for your next date.

23. Nightclubs can be the worst as you sweat ALL THE TIME.


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