Sushma Swaraj Ready To Extend British Parents Visa So Baby Isn’t Forced To Live In An Orphanage

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1:55 pm 15 Sep, 2016


Following up on British couple Chris and Michele Newman request for Visa extension, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on September 14 tweeted that she is ready to extend it, so their baby Lily isn’t forced to live in an orphanage.



While she asked for their visa documents and details for the extension, she also asked them to make sure that Baby Lily’s passport is obtained and all formalities compleated.


On September 13 story of surrogate baby Lily’s story had come to light, as how British Government’s delay in issuing her a passport was soon going to force her to live in an orphanage.

Lily, who is just three months old, was born in May 2016 and is one of the last few foreign babies born in India via surrogacy.



Centre, last month had put a ban on foreigners getting a child via surrogacy in India.

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