Swaraj Questions British Govt. On Surrogate Baby’s Passport; Asks If Orphanage Is Her Destiny

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2:58 pm 14 Sep, 2016


Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj has questioned UK government in series of tweets and taken up a British couple’s battle for their daughter’s passport.



The couple, Chris and Michele Newman, were one of the last foreign couples to have a surrogate baby in India before it was banned by the Indian government last month.

The couple had a surrogate baby girl -Lily in India three months ago and since her birth, they have been fighting to get her a British Passport and take her along.


Chris and Michele are currently in Mumbai on a medical visa and are now worried about her as their extended visa expires next month on October 7.

With their three-month-old daughter having no travel document, she may not be allowed to travel and the British consulate has already warned the duo about this.

The couple are now worried that Lily might now be forced to live in an orphanage if a passport is not issued soon.


Looking at their plight Swaraj has questioned British authorities and indirectly taken a swipe at those who have criticized the government’s move towards tougher surrogacy laws.


The couple tough have said that she ‘really wants to help’, she should expedite their exit visa when the UK passport is issued and extend their medical visa.


Lily’s passport application has been with the UK Home office since June 3 and they have said that the baby’s passport will be issued only after checks are done to ensure that her “interests are protected” and claim to British nationality verified.

The Newmans, have also started a petition on change.org to fight for Lily and said:


“Whilst I understand that checks have to (be) done, I would also hope that common sense would prevail, after all a simple DNA test would prove that Chris is the biological father.”

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