Swara Bhaskar Speaks In Support Of Umar Khalid But Got Brutally Slammed For Her Tweet

5:15 pm 14 Aug, 2018


Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) research scholar Umar Khalid had a narrow escape when he was allegedly attacked by an unidentified man at the Constitution Club in the high-security area near Parliament. However, the JNU student leader escaped unhurt from the incident. According to the police, the attacker dropped the weapon on the spot and fled in order to escape the police.

Evidently, the alleged attack took place in one of the most secured areas of the capital on the eve of Independence Day when Umar Khalid was going into the Constitution Club complex. He was there to attend a conference named “Khauff Se Azaadi” (Freedom From Fear). Seemingly, the police are investigating into the matter while a case of attempt to murder has been registered by the Delhi Police.



According to media reports, the police officer has seized the weapon from the spot. However, the police officers are yet to ascertain whether shots were fired or not since there were no empty cartridges found on the spot of the attack. Surprisingly, a preliminary forensic examination suggests that the pistol had jammed.


While addressing the media, Umar Khalid said:

“I was returning after having tea. One person came from behind, pushed me down and tried to fire at me. I ran for my life. He fled from there. I could not see the face of the attacker. It’s ironic that it happened as I have come to participate in an event against mob lynching. There is an atmosphere of fear. If you speak against the government you will be branded and then anything could happen to you.”



Two months before the incident, the JNU leader claimed that his life was in danger after he received death threats from the gangster Ravi Pujari. Umar Khalid also requested the police for special security in the matter.

Nevertheless, Umar Khalid posted a tweet on his social media account in retaliation for the attack. In the tweet, he compared his attack to the attack on the renowned journalist Gauri Lankesh. Take a look:



While the incident has gained a momentum among the citizens of the country, people took it to their social media accounts to express their feelings about the attack on Umar Khalid.

Among the netizens who have tweeted in support for Umar Khalid is the popular Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar who is infamous for voicing her opinions in controversial issues like these. She posted a message on her Twitter account questioning the society while calling it an anarchic state in which people are not safe for raising their views.



Take a look at her tweet:



But to her very surprise, Twitterati brutally lashed out at the actress for supporting Umar Khalid in the incident. From pointing at her masturbation scene to calling her an attention seeker, people have posted the worst of hate comments for Swara Bhaskar.



Here are a few of the tweets slamming Swara Bhaskar:



People are abusing her!






What do you have to say Swara?







Nothing more to say!



Why are you silent?!



Use common sense!



Publicity stunt?



What a hypocrisy!






Ahem Ahem!






Why! Oh, why?!






Recently, the Veere Di Wedding actress became the target of trolls for her derogatory comments against the Indian Army. It seems like she has become the favorite of social media trolls.