A Journalist Tried To Victim Blame Zaira Wasim For Her Ordeal, Swara Had The Perfect Response To Shut Her Down

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8:53 pm 12 Dec, 2017


In past few years, we have heard many stories about rape, molestation, and sexual abuse. Though the world is finally rising up to the occasion and speaking openly against these horrible acts, the issue has also led to a huge number of people coming out and victim shaming the people who have shown the courage to share their harrowing experience.

‘Dangal’ star Zaira Wasim, unfortunately, was one such victim who recently had to face this ordeal.

Actor Zaira Wasim Dangal

Zaira, who is just 17-year-old, was allegedly molested by a middle-aged man on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

Horrified by the experience she had spoken about the incident via an Instagram post, with thousands of people coming to her support and encouraging her not to give up her fight.

One such supporter to motivate Zaira was fellow actress Swara Bhasker, who not only encouraged her to keep the fight going but also motivated her to stay strong by reciprocating that she has hundreds of people supporting her.

Unfortunately, there were also people like journalist Jagrati Shukla who not only victim shamed Zaira for speaking out but also tried to brand her as ‘anti-national’ by bringing up topics which had absolutely no connection with the incident.


Angered by her Tweet, Swara once again rose to the occasion and slammed Jagrati with a tweet which completely shut her down.


Calling the journalist out on her insensitive tweets, Swara even proved her earlier statement right when many came out in Ziara and Swara’s support and slammed the journalist for her narrow-mindedness.



We at TY salute Swara for not only coming out in support of Zaira but also applaud her for standing up to a bully who was abusing her social status just so she could get some controversial millage out of it.

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