Hater Called Swara A ‘Flop Actor’ For Asking Justice For Asifa. She Gave Him A Tight Slap With Her Reply

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1:30 pm 16 Apr, 2018


Swara Bhasker is one of the bold and blunt divas of Bollywood. The actress has often fearlessly expressed her opinion and has never followed the herd. Recently, when a brutal rape incident of an 8-year-old girl Asifa came to light, Bollywood celebrities joined hands and started a campaign in which they posted their pictures holding a placard demanding justice from the government for the innocent child. Swara is one of those who decided to take such bold step and expressed that she is ashamed of what has happened to Asifa and how regressive it is for the nation.


Here’s the picture that Swara posted:



Even after giving fantabulous performances one after the other, Swara is still an underrated actress in the glamorous industry. A larger part of the Bollywood audience is still taking time to understand her worth in the Indian cinema.

When Swara shared the post demanding justice for Asifa, a hater trolled her and called her a “flop actress”. Instead of understanding the context of the image, the person mocked Swara for applying so much makeup in the picture.

Here’s what the troll posted.



The last thing he would have expected was a reply from the actress. Swara noticed the hate comment and took no time to give a befitting reply to him.

Thrashing the troll perfectly, here’s what the actress said:


Swara’s reply was bang on! Her fans got really excited to see Swara’s amazing comeback. Here’s how they reacted:


More power to you Swara!