Swara Bhaskar Trolled Mercilessly Again, After Trying To Justify Her Comments On Pakistan

12:25 pm 5 Jun, 2018


Ever since the movie Veerey Di Wedding has hit the silver screen, it has been at the receiving end of trolls. While the Kareena Kapoor starer broke many stereotypes through its content and obscenity, there were more factors which made it unpopular on social media. One such factor is actress Swara Bhaskar’s comments and characterisation.

Swara Bhaskar’s character was totally different from Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Shikha Talsania in the film. She not only smoked cigarettes but was a confirmed alcoholic in the film – breaking away from typical norms.




This ‘Veera‘ gave the audiences a first-look into ‘female orgasms’ and her masturbation scene in the film was too much to handle for the Indian audiences.



The movie got banned in Pakistan due to its ‘vulgar’ content. But it was Swara Bhaskar’s comments about branding Pakistan a “failed country” in her interview with film critic Rajeev Masand that stormed the internet.



Calling Pakistan a ‘failed state’ and run by ‘Sharia law’, Swara Bhaskar’s comment prompted Pakistani artists like Urwa Hocane to react immediately.



Urwa reminded Swara of her interview on a Pakistani channel in 2015 where she expressed her liking for the neighbouring country. This is her responce:



As criticism mounted after Swara Bhaskar‘s comments, she tried to justify her insensitive comments to an Indian journalist by saying that she still had goodwill for Pakistan:



Realising the situation was getting out of hand, the actress posted this tweet in response of the severe backlash and tried to take it in her stride:



As if Swara Bhaskar’s comments didn’t stir enough controversy for her, she posted another weird comment and called it “wishing peace and love between the two countries”:



Swara Bhasker’s comments messed things up for her when people couldn’t take her stupidity no longer and dampened her unflattering post with these reactions on social media:







And this was the final straw for Swara:







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