Swara Bhaskar Calls Pakistan A ‘Failed Country’, Faces The Wrath Of Social Media For Her Hypocrisy

4:18 pm 3 Jun, 2018


Swara Bhaskar has come a long way in the Bollywood since her debut in the industry. With her latest film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ getting appreciation from all kinds of audiences, Bhaskar has become one of the most appreciated actresses in the Bollywood film industry. But sadly, the actress has landed herself in another controversy with her widespread comments on Pakistan after the ban on her film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ in the Islamic country.
Well apparently, the film got banned from releasing in Pakistan due to its ‘vulgar’ content that poses a threat to the morality of the Pakistani society. It seem like Swara Bhaskar couldn’t accept the fact that her film got banned from that nation and she gave some insensitive comments about the Islamic country during one of her interviews during the promotion of the film.



As the cast of the film including Kareeena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Shikha Talsania and Swara Bhaskar sat down for an interview with the renowned film critic Rajeev Masand, Bhaskar couldn’t control her actions and called Pakistan is a ‘failed state’ and it is run by ‘Sharia Law’. Furthermore, she called the nation a ‘non-secular’ country urging the them to not interfere with Bollywood movies.


Her insensitive comments about Pakistan created a social media outrage that made the netizens slam the actress on her hypocrite attitude towards the Islamic country. Evidently, people are calling Swara a ‘chameleon’ for changing her comments about Pakistan since the movie got banned from releasing in the country.


In earlier course of events, Bhaskar was all-praises about Pakistan during one of her field trips to the country. In her statement she said, “I have been to Paris, London, New York, but Lahore (Pakistan) is the best.” Well, her latest brutal statement against the country made the social media very angry. They went to their Twitter handles to express their shock, disgust, anger and other mixed responses against the actress.



Take a read at some of Twitter responses on Swara Bhaskar’s comments on Pakistan:

Renowned Pakistani actress and anchor Urwa Hocane ruthlessly slammed the Swara with this series of tweets:
















It seems like Swara Bhaskar has landed herself in trouble all over again. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!



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