He Is The First Indian Citizen To Play Cricket Against India And Make You Proud

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7:00 pm 25 Feb, 2015

India plays the UAE on Feb 28 in their World Cup Group B fixture.

Vasai, a place in Maharashtra, will be cheering for an Indian who will be playing against India in that match.

That’s right! Swapnil Prakash Patil of Darpale in Mumbai’s Vasai will be representing United Arab Emirates.

Swapnil Patil

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What distinguishes him from other Indians who play for a different country is the fact that Swapnil is a citizen of India, while others are merely of Indian origin.

He is a 30-year-old right hand wicketkeeper-batsman.

Keeper Batsman

Of course, his family says that they would have been happy if he were playing for Team India.

But he was not given a chance to play for the Mumbai Ranji team.

Swapnil has played alongside Ajinkya Rahana and Rohit Sharma in the Mumbai Under-19 team in 2005.

Swapnil Rohit Ajinkya

In 2006, he was selected to play cricket for a construction company in UAE. Four years later, Swapnil was picked for the UAE national team. He is now a permanent member of the squad.

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