Subramanian Swamy Comes Out In Support Of Donald Trump; Asks Media To Apologise

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2:34 pm 8 Aug, 2016

BJP MP Subramanian Swamy likeness for Donald Trump is not hidden. Now, upping the ante, Swamy tweeted an article in Trump’s favour who was earlier called as ‘anti-baby’.


Just a day before, Swamy , while speaking at an event, said that media has painted him as a ‘devil’ and talked about his campaign to get rid of Raghuram Rajan.

“In the Raghuram Rajan’s case, the whole media was motivated by forces outside this country to support him. They said the stock markets will collapse if he goes…. it was as if I was some devil, and this man was some angel, who has come from abroad to save us,” he said.


Earlier also,  Swamy had claimed that Trump is good for America and had said that all Indians would vote for him.



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