5 Signs That Prove You Are Already A Participant Of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 4:03 pm


Many governments have been. Many more will be. Many promises they make, and sometimes, incredible as it sounds, reforms are also made. We often complain about how little the governments do for our country. This time, there is one mission initiated by our Prime Minister that requires us to prove what we can do for our country. We’ve been asked to join in on a nation-wide campaign to make our India cleaner.

You can be a part of this noble quest no matter who you are, or where you’re from. Like many conscientious citizens already are, you too can be among the responsible ones helping out in creating an ideal, safe and hygienic society and country.

And if you are following these steps in your daily life, then you already are an integral part of this Abhiyan. Well done, people!

swachh bharat


1. You pick up wrappers lying around in workplaces or public places and make sure they reach the dustbin.

It’s true that charity begins at home. But if you consider this entire nation as your home, you won’t hesitate in picking up the little pieces of trash lying around. If you employ these certain steps in your daily life, then your contribution to this crusade is not less than anyone.

1.You pick up wrappers lying around in workplaces

2. You segregate the waste in your home before dumping them out.

There is no bigger contribution to the country than using your education to its best interests. We’ve all learned that wastes can be classified into organic and inorganic and that they need separate treatments. If you are helping the authorities differentiate them both by separating the two before dumping them, then you have the gratitude of the nation.


You segregate the waste in your home before dumping them out

3. You carry extra disposable bags when you travel so you don’t have to throw waste out in the open.

Very few people consider owning responsibility for the polluted mess they create while on trains, buses, or even on picnics. If you are not one of those who just hurls wasted food out of the windows of trains or buses, or leave waste bottles and packets in parks, if you manage your trash and dispose it off only when you find a dustbin, then many congrats people, you are way ahead of others on your Swachh Bharat Mission.

carry extra disposable bags when you travel

4. If you have stopped disposing of reusable items, you are playing a major role in keeping India Swachh.

Participating in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan does not just mean cleaning up or disposing off the waste created by us. Another very significant part of this campaign is minimizing the amount of trash your household produces. If you find new and ingenious methods to find a use for certain things that would have otherwise been found rotting along with other garbage, then you are more involved than you realise.

you are playing a major role in keeping India Swachh

5. And, if you sometimes go out of your way to clean your colony, and indulge your neighbours too, then you are definitely the ideal mascot that we need.

Not many people consider taking out the time to clean up their neighbourhood to be an enthralling task in any way. But if you do, and inspire people to do so too, you probably are doing what even most great politicians might be failing to do – Raising Awareness. In this country, it is not only difficult but also the maybe greatest level of involvement possible.

way to clean your colony

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