Surveen Chawla Gets Candid About Her Supportive Husband, Says She Is Lucky To Have Him

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3:00 pm 17 Apr, 2018


It has been an age-old belief that an actress’ career ends as soon as she ties the knot. If you are a millennial, you must have noticed that all the famous actresses of ’90s suddenly vanished from the silver screen after getting married. However, with changing time there are many actresses who are making a comeback on the screen. The mindset of people has changed and to a greater extent, marriage has stopped becoming a barrier to the career of Bollywood divas. Breaking the stereotype, there are actresses who have become vocal about their marital status and Surveen Chawla is one of them.



Surveen recently revealed her marital status and said that she married her longtime boyfriend Akshay Thakker in Italy in 2015. The actress believes that marriage has not affected her career in any way.

She followed her heart and decide to settle down with the love of her life early in her career. Talking for the first time after announcing her marriage, Surveen said:

“Why does it shock people that I got married? Those days are gone when an actress would achieve her professional goals first and then get married. Many actresses achieve great professional heights even after marriage now. Just because I was perceived as a go-getter and an ambitious person, it did not mean that I had no intention of getting married if I found the right guy. Marriage and career are not interrelated and people should understand that. Just like any professional woman who continues to work after her marriage, an actress should not wait when she finds the right guy.”


She is in a happy space with her husband and feels that one should stress on understanding and compatibility before making the decision of marrying someone.

“I had gone through many ups and downs in my relationships, so I was quite reluctant to get married untill I was doubly sure of the person. Besides, it is also a question of hormones, so it is only right that you get married at the right age.”




Talking about how supportive her husband is, Suvreen said:

“I could kiss my co-actor or even go nude on screen, I can do whatever the script demands in a film and my husband will not say anything about it. That’s the kind of understanding I have with him. When I have this kind of comfort level with him, why would I wait to get married? My husband is supportive of my work and I got a companion for life, what more can a woman ask for?”


She further added:

“Marriage is a natural progression for any man or woman and if you find a partner who only enhances your life, I don’t think actresses should wait. When I get a good film project, it is Akshay who says, ‘Go for it’. That’s what partnership is all about. Today, many actresses get married, have babies and make a comeback. The perception with married actresses is changing and it will change further in the future.”


Surveen has no plans of returning back to daily soaps. The woman is keen to do cinema more and more.

“Kabhi bhi nahi. When it comes to TV, I worry about the content as it tends to get regressive. If it is a film project like the one I have done, then it would be interesting. More than the platform, I think the content plays an important role in accepting a project,”


Surveen’s husband has definitely raised the bar for other guys. A supportive partner is something everyone desires and Surveen is really lucky to have one in her life.