Sushmita Sen Was Spotted Flaunting A Jaw-Dropping New Tattoo, Here Is What It Means

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7:14 pm 20 Mar, 2018


Former Miss Universe and Bollywood diva Sushmita Sen might be away from the silver screen but is definitely not away from her fans.

Sushmita, who was recently in Udaipur for the Ravishing Wedding Awards, has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram and keeps them engaged by regularly posting stunning workout videos and pictures with her beautiful daughters Renee and Alisah.

Keeping with the trend, she recently shared a photo of her toned body where she was spotted sporting a new tattoo.

The new back tattoo had her fans intrigued and they were soon asking for a closeup picture along with details about what it means.

Not disappointing her fans Sushmita later posted a picture of her new tattoo with the caption explaining the deep meaning behind it.

She said:

“This is the #tattoo on my back!!!!💋( for all who asked) 😊my #soulspirit is as #enlightened & delicate as a #lotus …and as #agile & #fierce as a #feline ❤ it all depends on which side of me you approach! “He’s got my back”😉💪❤ with his eyes WIDE open!!!!😉😄 #sharing an intimate me!!! Love you guys!!!😁😍❤.”

While Sushmita might be away from the silver screen, her fans have not forgotten about her and diligently wait for her new post where she shares more about herself and her life.

Here are some of the most adorable pictures that she has shared along with her two daughters who are now 18 (Renee) and 8 (Alisah) years old.

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#love #happiness #freedom #beauty #divinity #energy #conviction #courage 💋 Women can’t be defined generically, even when mentioned collectively!!!😊❤️ To truly celebrate a woman, it’s important to accept all ‘her’ nuanced differences, her innate strength, momentary vulnerabilities & yes strength again!👍 it’s often said, ‘women are complicated’ 😊 well, imagine going through a lifetime of fast paced changes, physically, biologically, emotionally, socially…then realise, just how uncomplicated a ‘woman’ actually makes it all look!!!👏😘❤️ She’s not perfect, but gives it ‘HER’ all, she’s born with a heart of a nurturer, with the ‘Will’ to be a provider. She’s #shakti not for the lack of fear but for owning courage inspite of it!👍 She’s a force of nature, that drives the matter what the role, resilient until the very end!🙏 Dugga Dugga #HappyWomensDay ❤️😊😘 what a privilege to be born a woman!!! With love & kisses, Alisah, Renée & yours truly!!!😉😁💋I love you guys!!!

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What are your thoughts on Sushmita’s latest tattoo and the meaning behind it? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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