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This Is Unbelievable. Sushmita Sen Had Predicted Her “Miss Universe” Win Even Before The Pageant Started

Published on 2 February, 2017 at 1:38 pm By

Sushmita Sen, in every way, describes what it is like to be a woman. She’s an independent mother, a beautiful person, an achiever and most importantly, just like every woman, has a heart of gold.

At just 18, she captivated the world with her eternal beauty and won the “Miss Universe” title. It was rather surprising and applauding to know that at a very young age, she personified what an Indian woman can do.




More so, it is said that “Read the signs, the universe is talking to you all the time”. And this was very much the case with Sushmita Sen as well. Before the pageant started, she was praying to God on a cloudy night near the window of her hotel. For once, she closed her eyes. And then, when she opened them, suddenly it was all bright outside, clouds had moved away and the full moon appeared.

At that very extraordinary moment, she knew that something special was meant to happen. Isn’t it amazing and quite insightful, guys?

Well, you got to listen to the full story right here:



Sush, we just can’t stop adoring you. What a woman!

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