The Iconic ’90s Sushmita Sen Song ‘Dilbar’ Has Been Ruined By Nora Fatehi’s Remixed Version. Twitter Is Furious!

6:51 pm 6 Jul, 2018


John Abraham’s ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is in talks these days, all thanks to the now viral song ‘Dilbar’ that has already crossed more than 30 million views since the day of its release. The video is being shared and viewed widely. It features actress Nora Fatehi, who is known for her incredible belly dancing skills. It also features John Abraham, who could be seen doing some action-packed sequences.

Let us tell you that the song is a remake of the ’90s hit song ‘Dilbar’ from the film ‘Sirf Tum’. Remember, the original song featuring former Miss Universe and actress Sushmita Sen and Sanjay Kapoor? The latest version of the song has been sung by Neha Kakkar, Dhvani Bhanushali and Ikka. The song has been composed by Tanishk Bagchi.



The theme of the song is Arabic and one can see Nora Fatehi performing her brilliant belly dance moves. When asked, Nora described the song as ‘unique and different’.



During an interview, she explained, “Doing a remake of an iconic song is always nerve racking because you never know if you can actually do justice to it. Sushmita Sen was iconic in the song and I hope I match up to her.”



Though the song is getting a good number of views, there are people who have found everything wrong with it. Some even believe that the original song featuring Sushmita Sen was much better than this version.



Let us take a look at some of the tweets against the song!



People definitely loved the previous one more!



More hatred towards the new version!



After reading all these tweets, it looks like people are just not ready to accept what has been done to the hit ’90s song! Here is the video of the new version:



And here is the video of the original song featuring Sushmita Sen:



Now judge for yourself and tell us which one is better, through your comments below.