Sushmita Sen’s Breathtaking Belly Dance On The New Dilbar Song Proves That She Is Irreplaceable

4:45 pm 8 Sep, 2018


Our memories of the song ‘Dilbar’ are surely of Sushmita Sen dancing in her never seen before avatar. The song is not only popular because of its music or lyrics or because it belonged to the hit film ‘Sirf Tum‘, but because Sushmita Sen danced her heart out and made the song iconic. An attempt was made by the makers of the film ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to bring the newness through the remixed version of the song. Nora Fatehi showed us her brilliant belly dancing skills in the new ‘Dilbar’ song and gained recognition.

However, when Sushmita Sen was asked about the remixed version of ‘Dilbar’ and Nora’s performance in it, she made the situation clear and let us believe to the fact that the original is better!


Sushmita Dilbar



This is what Sushmita said when asked about the song:

“Nora was absolutely fantastic in it and my favourite part of this song is the first two lines, which they added (in the revamped version) and is very well done. The remix is also very well done. Nora has absolutely killed it but I still like the original version more.”


And now when we have it straight from the horse’s mouth, it is time to reach onto some conclusion.



Recently Sushmita released a video in which she can be seen dancing to the remixed version of ‘Dilbar’, the same song on which Nora showed her belly dancing skills. Here is the video for you:



Sushmita Sen has now created a win-win situation and her moves showed how talented she is. At this age, she is fit, strong and has a great body. She is indeed an inspiration for many out there. This dance-workout session has become a rage on the internet and the video is now getting viral on the social media. So who did it better? Decide for yourself!