Thanks To Sushma Swaraj, This ‘Bride To Be’ Would Now Be Able To Attend Her Own Wedding

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9:46 pm 7 Nov, 2016

Pakistan’s Priya Bachchani would wed Jodhpur’s Naresh Tewani on November 7, but their wedding was still uncertain till few days back.

The Indo- Pak duo, for many months, was struggling get Priya and her family their India visa, just to be able to keep their wedding date.



Bride to be Priya Bachchani. Twitter

The couple had gotten engaged in Karachi three years back and had scheduled their wedding in Jodhpur on November 7, 2016.

But despite having applied for their visa months ago, Priya and her extended family of 35, were facing repeated delays by the Indian embassy in Pakistan.

“We started preparations accordingly, right from arranging accommodation for them to sending invitation cards. But when there was a delay in obtaining visas, and we halted preparations and focused entirely on getting the same issued by the Indian embassy in Pakistan.” – Kanhaiya Lal Tewani, Groom’s Father

But with the date of wedding drawing near and the bride and her family still being miles away, the groom decided to take things in his own hand and tweeted a request to External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj.

He explained his situation to Swaraj and requested her to intervene in the matter as soon as she can.


After hearing his request, Swaraj immediately contacted the Indian embassy in Pakistan and asked them to ensure that the bride and her party of 35 were granted visas for the Jodhpur wedding and the functions.


The embassy in turn quickly took up the matter and immediately issued all 35 members of the family an Indian visa.

Thanks to Swaraj’s quick intervention, Priya was able to reach India on November 6, just a day before her wedding, and was able to attend the wedding on time.



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