Sushma Swaraj Needs Our Prayers: In Hospital Due To Kidney Failure

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12:00 pm 16 Nov, 2016

External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, has proved that she is the best candidate for the position she has been chosen for. Using her power and position efficiently, she has helped the needy in the best possible way. From helping a woman getting an Indian Visa for her husband’s operation to bringing people back to India, Sushma Swaraj has done it all.


But now our beloved minister needs our prayers. She was admitted to AIIMS on November 7 and is in need of our best wishes. The 64 year-old BJP leader has been diagnosed with kidney failure and is on dialysis. She has tweeted about her condition and definitely needs our prayers.

Take a look at her tweet…



Sushma Swaraj has a diabetic history since past 20 years that has led to this kidney failure. She is being supervised by Balram Airan, Chief of the Cardio Thoracic Centre at the cardio-neuro centre of AIIMS. As per the doctors, she is stable now.

Her condition is stable. Her history of chronic diabetes has affected her kidney functioning. She is on dialysis.

Her good deeds have made her the most beloved minister among the masses and people are praying for her good health. Her tweet has received a huge response with best wishes. Take a look at some replies here…






Her good deeds have earned a lot of blessings and we are sure that those wishes will surely help get her back to good health.


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