Sushma Swaraj’s Reply To A Student Seeking Help And Calling Himself A Resident Of ‘Indian-Occupied Kashmir’ Is Epic

10:21 pm 10 May, 2018


Over the last few years, External Affairs Minister of India Sushma Swaraj has explored the platform of Twitter to help those who are in dire need. Not just major international crisis but she also extended her help towards many individuals without seeking any limelight or making a fuss. This strong lady of the nation does it all in a super-efficient way that certainly restores our faith in bureaucracy.

It’s true that being the Foreign Minister of India comes with lots of responsibilities and this lady is flawlessly performing each. The best part is that her Twitter account is very active where people can seek help at any point.

Here are some of the tweets where she reached out to individuals and made us respect her immensely:


When her ministry helped in rescuing a woman held in South Africa.

The time when her ministry rescued 168 Indians held hostage in Iraq.

Of course, the coordinated effort lead by her to rescue people during Yemen crisis.

When she showed her “humble” side after rescuing a mother and her kid.

Well, she is not all about helping but also quickly showing people their place who try to troll her.


Who can forget her apt reply to the guy asking her to solve his ‘refrigerator’ issue?


Another time someone tried trolling her by saying he is stuck on Mars. Here’s her hilarious reply:

The ‘common tweeple’s leader’ does it again! This time she was approached by a student stuck in the Philippines. However, this time the otherwise active leader, put forth a condition before agreeing to help him. The twitter bio of the youth read:

MBBS student/proud to b a Muslim Indian occupied Kashmir

To which she clearly said that if his bio says ‘Indian occupied Kashmir’ then she is unable to help him. She will only lend him help if he is from Jammu and Kashmir. To which the person immediately changed his bio. Only then, Ms. Swaraj instructed the respective people to help him. Here’s the conversation:


India needs more politicians like her!

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