A Car Breaks Down, Sushma Swaraj Gets A Tweet, And What Happened Next Is Hilarious

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10:40 am 11 Aug, 2016


Two days ago, Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs, played the role of cupid and helped a wife join her husband on their honeymoon as she lost her passport a few days before their flight. I guess, Sushmaji is the perfect counsellor for all affair-related issues. Seeing her quick response on Twitter, people readily ask her solutions for every small problem and one such weird thing happened yesterday, when a guy, Babu S, asked her to solve his car complaint:

When many thought that she would be least interested in answering him, this is what she said:

Bolti bandh babuji ki!!!

Her witty reply was loved by Twitterati:

But, one girl broke all boundaries of adoration:

And her too-much-love didn’t go unnoticed as well:


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