Union Cabinet Clears Surrogacy Bill – 2016 Which Will Safeguard Surrogate Mothers And Kids

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5:51 pm 24 Aug, 2016

The Indian cabinet on August 24 cleared the draft bill which aims to safeguard the rights of surrogate mothers.

The new bill, Surrogacy Bill 2016, aims to not only safeguard mothers who take up surrogacy but also make parentage of such children legal.


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The draft bill was proposed by the Health Ministry, who aims to regulate commissioning of surrogacy within India in a proper manner.

The news about cabinet giving its clearance was broken by a government official who said the ministry now plans to introduce the bill in next Parliament session.


Representational Image -Al Jazera

Representational Image Al Jazeera

The Surrogacy Bill 2016 was earlier cleared by a group of Ministers, but they had left the final call with the Union Cabinet.

The government had decided to introduce a statutory mechanism to control commissioning of surrogacy as there have been many cases of pregnancies in rural and tribal areas where women were exploited by unscrupulous elements.

The Guardian

Representational Image The Guardian

According to sources, with this bill, the government is planning to prohibited foreigners from commissioning surrogacy in the country and has now drafted a comprehensive legislation for it.


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