13 Surprising Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

3:00 am 1 Sep, 2014

Mumbai is the land of dreams and wish fulfillment. Since times immemorial, we have come across Bombay or Mumbai as a city that never sleeps. However, no matter how beautiful and wish-fulfilling the city is, it is also regarded as the center point of the Indian underworld. The fictional mafia team and the Dons whom we encounter quite often in the Hindi films are indeed a part of the real Mumbai. Although, thanks to the daily news, we do know something about the Mumbai underworld, here are some facts which would help you know more about them—

1. A highly disciplined structure

One of the first things that you should know about the Mumbai Mafia is that it is much more organized and “disciplined” than any other Indian Government institutions.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

2. Numerous ways to make money

Mumbai Mafia deals with a lot of underworld dos—starting from minor blackmailing and harassment to even murders and extortion. Of course, smuggling is an integral part of their activities,without which the whole Mafia world would have collapsed by now.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

3. A pretty old organization

Although no one knows about the exact date when this “organization” was created, but somewhere during the 1940s activities like smuggling and gambling increased dozen-fold announcing the birth of Mumbai Underworld to the whole wide world.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

4. Do you know Ayub Lala?

Although, till date, Mumbai has had a number of Dons, the first one that we can think of was Ayub Lala or Ayub Khan Pathan.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

5. He is the man who founded this empire

The founder of an association having 13,000 Afghanis, there was a point of time when Ayub Lala was the sole mastermind and controller of almost all the nightclubs and bars in Mumbai run by Marwari, Muslim and Gujarati owners. In fact, he was the sole controller of all the dark dos that the city was experiencing at that point of time.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

6. D-Company

Now, with Ayub Lala being gone decades ago, it is the reign of D-Company in Mumbai.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

7. Being Bhai

D Company is the name given to the organization led by Dawood Ibrahim. Unlike the stereotypical organized criminal group, D-Company is more of a combination of criminal and terrorist group than solely the former.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

8. Hub of drug trafficking

Mumbai was selected as the main terminus of the Mafia because of its strategic location. Being the gateway of India, it facilitated the undercover export of drugs to different parts of Europe.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

9. The notorious heroin

India is the world’s largest grower of opium. According to the expert’s, illegally around 5-8% opium is converted to heroin and send off to the other parts of the world. Heroin from the major hubs of Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent is also transmitted to various parts of the world through India. And, behind all these lies the mastermind of D-Company.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

10. The ‘people’ behind Bollywood

It is a commonly known matter that the whole film industry is controlled by Dawood Ibrahim. In fact, time and often, the film stars and other who’s-who of the city are spotted at the social dos and parties hosted by the “members” of the D-Company.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

11. And you can’t deny them

Well, if the Mumbai Underworld wishes to have you in its team or even in its social parties, can you say No? Well, those who actually dared to say NO to them, this happened—

  • Gulshan Kumar was brutally shot dead by the Mafia while he was on his way to a temple in Andheri West.
  • Because Rakesh Roshan said NO to share the profits of the film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, he too was shot at his arm and chest right outside his office. Well, his luck was perhaps with him, and he survived this major attack.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

12. Continuous expansion

Now, even the Oil Mafia and the Underworld Nexus resides in the hands of Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan, Ibrahim’s former aide.

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld

13. Religious strife? F**k off!

Well, one thing that cannot be denied is that, this is one organization where the Hindus and Muslims work hand in hand. Although they propound religious vandalisms at other places, never did we find any crack occurring to this gang due to religious differences. Now, that’s some food for thought, isn’t it?

Facts About The Mumbai Underworld


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