Suresh Raina Is Waiting For His First Child But The Internet Has Already Welcomed ‘Shreyanshi Raina’

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8:46 pm 14 May, 2016


Suresh Raina has flown to Holland to be with his wife, Priyanka, his childhood friend, as they are expecting a baby soon. He will be out of action for a few IPL games as well. His anxious Twitter posts show how excited he is.



Before the baby could enter this world, Twitterati announced the arrival and ‘Welcome Baby Shreyanshi Raina’ started trending on Twitter.

Fake confidence at its best!

Parody account. Parody news.

So, MS Dhoni’s daughter Ziva is already happy. Does she even know who Suresh Raina is?

After the melodrama comes an apology.





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