Suresh Raina Apologizes To Ambati Rayudu For His Weird Run Out. Rayudu’s Reaction Was Of A Real Sportsman!

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3:57 pm 23 Apr, 2018


It is one of the best times of the year for all the cricket fans not only in India but across the world as Indian Premiere League’s 2018 season has already begun. Fans are getting their daily dose of entertainment with engrossing twists and turns in matches every day. One exciting match was played between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad on April 22.




The SRH won the toss and decided to bowl first. Following this, the CSK set an impressive target of 183 runs for them which SRH could not complete and lost the match by 4 runs.



However, while the CSK was batting, there came a point when Suresh Raina made a mistake that could have cost the team dearly. When the CSK was batting, Shane Watson could score merely 9 runs and returned to the pavilion after the catch out by Deepak Hooda. Soon, Faf du Plessis also got out by scoring merely 11 runs.



The CSK was in a very weak position by this time but it was Suresh Raina and Ambati’s Rayudu’s great partnership that saved the team. The two together registered a partnership of 112 runs taking the team’s score to 144. This was also the time when Rayudu scored his first 50 in this season of IPL.


Ambati Rayudu. Source


However, on the 4th ball of 17th over, Rayudu got an unfortunate run out that happened because of Suresh Raina’s mistake. Rayudu struck a mid-off on Siddharth Kaul’s ball and took a single. When Kaul missed the throw after this, Rayudu ran to the other side of the crease for another single. Raina shouted to tell him that the ball hadn’t gone too far but it was too late. Rayudu had already come way ahead and eventually got a run out.



When Ryudu got out, Raina walked up to him and said sorry. Rayudu, like a real sportsman, gave Raina a smile, a pat on his back and walked towards the pavilion. Watch the video of the entire incident in the tweet below:


And here is how Twitter responded to Rayudu’s sportsmanship:













Amazing! Isn’t it?

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