Hungry Child In A Delayed Train Gets Milk, Thanks To Prompt Response From Suresh Prabhu

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5:51 pm 11 Dec, 2015

Responding promptly to a tweet, railway minister Suresh Prabhu has come to the aid of a hungry child traveling in a train delayed by fog.

The child, Avish, was traveling with his mother Kusum Yadav and uncle Anil Kumar Yadav, in Manduadih (Varanasi) New Delhi Super Fast Express on December 10 which got delayed due to dense fog. They had boarded the train from Manduadih in Varanasi.


(Kusum Yadav with Avish). amarujala


As the train was running behind schedule, milk for the baby got finished quickly. Finally, the hunger became unbearable for the child. Wasting no time, the child’s father tweeted to the railway minister asking for his help. Yadav also provided the details of the coach and his family.




Prabhu immediately responded and directed the DRM of Allahabad to take action in the case.



As a result, the station master of Fatehpur station provided the family with food when the train arrived there.

And when the train reached the Kanpur station later in the day, Railway authorities there too were waiting with milk and biscuits for the child, PRO of North-Central Railway Amit Malviya said.



Later, the family thanked Prabhu and the NCR officials, he added.

In an earlier case, the railway minister turned out to be a ‘saviour’ for 27 students aboard the Howrah-bound Kumbha Express (12370). Responding to a request made on Twitter, the railways provided food and water to the students and teachers who were on a train that was running late.




The students and teachers, asked for food via twitter and tagged railway minister Suresh Prabhu and Rail Ministry’s twitter account. The demand was raised after the train Kumbha Express was diverted due to maintenance work on the train’s route and they were left with no food and water for seven long hours.

Northern railway (NR) officials swung into action and rushed to Pratapgarh, where the train was said to be stationed. After receiving the supply, the teachers and students thanked the railway ministry for prompt response.

In a previous incident, Pankaj Jain, a businessman was traveling with his unwell father and tweeted asking for a wheelchair and assistance to take his father out of the train during a short halt at Merta Road station.

To his surprise, Jain, found the station master, a few porters and railway staff waiting with a wheelchair when the train arrived.


Social media has been an important tool for outreach for the government.

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