The Residents Of This Super Village Are Super Rich! Surprising, But True!

1:27 pm 7 Oct, 2018


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Village’? A place with no fancy lifestyle, economically backward, no ATM, poor transport facilities, right? But this village is exactly the opposite.  It’s believed the descendants of the original residents of this ‘world’s richest village’ are entitled to extraordinary amenities, including free healthcare, education, luxurious homes, cars, and at least $250,000 in their bank accounts.

The super village Huaxi is a place situated in east China’s Jiangsu Province. And the residents here are super rich too. It was formed by Wu Renbao, the former secretary of Huaxi Village Communist Party Committee in 1961.




There is a “World Park” filled with replicas of the world’s most iconic landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to the Arc de Triomphe.



Looking for a taxi? The village also has its own luxury transport company, which sends helicopters for its residents.



Here you will also find a glossy skyscraper that is the 15th tallest building in China. China’s Huaxi village spent three billion yuan (£350millon/$430million) building this 72-story skyscraper for residents.



You will find identical red-roofed villas with manicured lawns and two car garages.



Though it may be the wealthiest village in China, Huaxi is tiny. Its total land area is only 240 acres.



Residents work seven days a week with no weekends mainly in the city’s industrial factories.



The residents pay a price for such luxuries. Newcomers to Huaxi are paid standard wages but they don’t share the same luxuries like free healthcare, cars, and property. Plus, if original residents leave Huaxi, they lose everything.




Gambling and drugs are strictly forbidden, and there are no bars, clubs, internet cafes or karaoke lounges. What do you think about this super village?

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