A Super Rich Student From India Is Spending An Insane Amount For A Filthy Lavish Stay At A Scotland University!

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1:48 pm 11 Sep, 2018


Most of the people, whether in India or abroad would associate their student life with being broke almost all the time. Or, at the most, being able to manage their expenses with some difficulty. Exceptions apart, it is next to impossible to find a super rich student who can afford to hire servants who can do their daily chores, a chauffeur who can drive them around the university and security guard who can be around through the day and night!

Surprisingly, there is a super-rich student from India who is preparing for her stay at the St. Andrews University of Scotland in a surprising lavish way that has perhaps never been done by anyone before this.



As per a report by The Sun, a student, who is being believed to be the poshest student of Britain, is hiring a staff of 12 to help her during her 4-year stay at the university.

Daughter of an Indian billionaire whose name is not known is looking to hire helpers such as a maid, a butler, a private chef, 3 housekeepers, a chauffeur, a gardener, a house manager and 3 footmen who will be with her in Scotland while she pursues her education at St. Andrews University.



The girl’s personal maid will be responsible for “waking principal up, liaising with other staff regarding routine and schedule, assisting with grooming, wardrobe management and personal shopping” and must be “an outgoing, cheerful and energetic personality”.




The butler will be bestowed with the responsibility of overseeing the entire team while the footmen will serve all the meals of the day, lay the tables and make sure that the house is spic and span. The footmen will also be responsible for opening doors for the super-rich student “whenever possible”.



Posted through a posh agency named Silver Swan, the ad promises to pay about £30,000 (Rs 28 lakh approximately) for the roles. The advert also mentions that the family is very formal so only experienced staff is required.



Reportedly, the super rich student from India has even bought a lavish mansion to live in instead of staying in a hostel or apartment.

Do you think it is insane to even imagine that kind of luxury during one’s student years?