25 Signs That Show You Are Super Hyper In Life

10:00 am 7 May, 2015


We come across many super hyper people daily, or we might be one as well. So here’re 20 signs that show you are super hyper in life in case you still haven’t figured out if you are one.

1. Every little thing is a big thing!

Like some celebrity is coming to college whom you don’t even like but you still are extremely excited and almost act like their fans and have that fan girl moment.


2. You get triggered easily.


Someone just triggers you or provokes you and there you are screaming at them or the person you are arguing with.


3. So utterly sensitive.

You get affected very easily even if you try not to.


4. You want others to become hyper too!

You will constantly be pushing your friends or others to do something or undertake some activity.


5. Know no one?

If you don’t know anyone who’s hyper like that than it’s probably you!


6. Loud enough!

You wouldn’t realize but people might tell you how loud you are.


7. If something’s not in place, the whole world will know about it.

If you find something improper something somewhere you are sure to make a complaint or make the whole world know about it.


8. Gossip is not your cup of tea.

Since you are restless and hyper almost all the time you might end up disclosing the gossip to someone who shouldn’t be knowing about it!


9. Enmity

Generally people might not like you being so hyper might also end up having enmity against quite some people.


10. You don’t realize.

You probably don’t realize you are super hyper. It’s only when you friends tell you to calm down time and again you might realize but still the chances are less.


11. Keep calm!

The keep calm trolls are just not meant for you!


12. Debates are the love of your life.

You simply love debating because that’s when you can totally be hyper and your teammates will be happy about it.


13. Correct myself?

You simply hate people correcting you every now and then.


14. Yes I might be defensive.

You are mostly defensive and counter attack when someone speaks against you.


15. I am always right!

You might use that dialogue way too often because that is what you think most of the time when you talking.


16. You are straightforward.

You will tell your insecurities on your face. You are extrovert and don’t hesitate in saying what is wrong according to you.


17. Simply restless!

They just don’t understand the concept of slow and steady wins the race. They are so restless they want to finish doing everything as fast as possible.


18. Does double the work.

You end up doing double the work if possible even if it can be done the simple way.


19. The amount of energy flowing in your body is so much that you have to continuously do something or the other thing.


20. If someone tells you to dance, you are more than happy to shake your legs on the dance floor.


21. Your friends keep on advising you to join meditation classes and do Yoga. And you are usually pissed on them due to this.


22. You feel like you are on top of the world always. You are so hyper that you cannot sleep at night and you totally don’t need alcohol to get high.


23. You get bored easily as you have drastic mood swings!


24. You tend to be a lot more confused in life as you always have too much on your platter.


25. Lastly, you love being the way you are & continue to spread your hyperactivity everywhere!