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Super 7 Ways In Which Quantum Computing Will Change Everything

Updated on 9 May, 2014 at 12:08 pm By

Waiting for your next business breakthrough? But, don’t have the tech expertise to provide solutions for complex theories. This is where quantum theory can help towards building that future.


Quantum computing is a revolutionary technology aimed at solving most of the world’s hard-nut problems. It’s already being used extensively for handling big data explosions. Accurate weather forecasting and fast surveillance data processing requires powerful servers on your network and the quantum computing is playing an important role here too. A qubit processor is transforming the computing world faster than what was anticipated earlier. This technology can be the harbinger for the following areas, to name a few:

7. Communication

Quantum computers will radically change the mode we usually use to transmit messages via text, video conferencing or voice over the channel. These powerful yet smart computers could combine all of our communication devices like cellphone, TV and the Internet into chips placed on a headband. The headband will automatically communicate with the Internet and human brain using your thoughts. The moment you start thinking about a person he will get connected to you through his headset. Wondering! This is the power of thoughts similar to how the saints of ancient India used to communicate with each other.

All this will be possible because of the technology named as ‘network-enabled telepathy’.


6. Transportation

Your day will start with a cup of coffee speaking to you about the alarm or your appointments. After having a shower, an auto-drive electric car will be waiting outside to take you on a ride or drop you at office. If you met with a familiar face on the way, your headset will automatically identify the person’s identity from the database and greet him with a message like “Hi buddy good morning, your last night house party was awesome & again congrats for your promotion”. All such activities will be possible only if the quantum computer technology would be available at affordable prices.

Quantum Computing Will Change Everything

5. Safe Airplane Boarding


The world is still solving the mystery of MH370. It is really a tough question to ask from any geek or astronomy expert. Nobody has the perfect answer for the disappearing of the MH370. If anybody has the answer please come to us… or inform CIA.

With a quantum computer service onboard, travelling through airplane will appear to be safer and faster. Authorities just need to look into passenger’s eye for verifying his identity. Hijackers can be prevented from gaining access on plane and softwares that are too complex for traditional computers to test will become a merry-go round.

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4. A Look beyond The Horizon

Time travelling will become a possibility with quantum computers. Microchips or electronic devices will communicate with each other to provide excellent (ready to use) services for their human counterparts. You can expect a bottle of beer/ vodka while talking about current world crisis or a mirror commenting on your looks.

It will be a matter of few hours to process terabytes of data coming from space telescopes and ISS (Intl. Space station). Analyzing such data will help to seek out new planets like Earth in our galaxy.


3. Correct Predictions

Artificial intelligence will improve the precision of forecasting, giving people more time to take cover over earthquakes, Tsunamis and volcano eruptions. It will be easier to predict which candidate is going to win the election, and by what margin.


2. Effective Drugs

Advance techniques to analyze underlying data such as DNA sequencing using molecular computing (similar to quantum) will help to invent better methods to design and implement superior drug-based treatments.


1. Smart Energy Grids

Solar energy panels will be manufactured using qubits which will be more energy efficient and intelligent. Your refrigerator and Internet TV will communicate with energy grids about blueprinting the plans for matching current power demand.




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