Sunny Leone’s Inspiring Words On Female Empowerment Earn Her A Lot Of Respect

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5:01 pm 28 Apr, 2016

In India, violence against women is a prominent topic that is raised every year. The topic of crimes against women received some attention in 2008 and since then, it has been under the limelight on and off.


Different laws are being made and women’s help cells were created to help woman in need. Recently, actress Sunny Leone gave her views on women’s empowerment in an event to promote the Jasmine Moses D’souza directorial movie in Delhi.

She expressed that women should and speak up for themselves.

I absolutely agree with Sunny’s views. With increasing crime reports, it has definitely become a necessity for a woman too leave that “angel in the house” figure and come to reality and make herself strong. Gone are the days when women were weak and timid. In the 21st century, women need to leave their cocoon and speak up for themselves.

The ‘One Night Stand’ actress further added:



Sunny Leone shared that her parents motivated her to become an independent person. She said that even small things should not be neglected, which is true to the fact that if you neglect the minimal things that  disturb you, then is a possibility that it can later make your life worse. Good going Sunny. I really hope this motivating view of yours will inspire many.

It’s better to speak up than suffer.



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