This Girl Dancing To ‘Laila Mein Laila’ Is Giving Serious Competition To Sunny Leone

Updated on 15 Nov, 2017 at 4:27 pm


The internet has become a crazy medium for people to share their talent. A hundred thousand people shared their videos on video platform YouTube on a daily basis. Some have created their audience on Facebook, while other enjoy posting pictures on Instagram and get popular.

These days people post amazing stuff, they post videos of themselves singing the covers of famous songs, or post videos dancing to their favorite tracks.


Vidya Vox is a YouTube star. She sings covers of some famous Hollywood and Bollywood songs.

Remember, the song “Laila Mein Laila” from the film ‘Raees’? We saw Sunny Leone’s mesmerizing dance steps in the song and there has hardly been another performer matching to her level.


Sunny Leone in an item song from film ‘Raees’


However, recently a girl took up the challenge of dancing to this number and tried doing it better than Sunny. She almost left the viewers stunned and did it almost better than her. Not only this, she also danced to other songs including “Radha”.

Her video is now being watched by a number of people and the views have almost crossed 31 lakhs.


Girl dancing on Sunny Leone’s song ‘Laila Mein Laila’

People have been liking, sharing and commenting on the video. The video has been uploaded through a channel named Muskan Singh. The girl seen in the video has performed back-to-back in three different songs without any break in the video.

Here is the video:


This clearly has given a good competition to Sunny Leone. No doubt, this girl is a terrific dancer and it is expected that in a few days the video might hit more views. Truly, there is no dearth of talent in people. All they need is the right platform.

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