Sunny Leone’s Husband Claims That Sunny Never Slapped The Journalist

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11:03 pm 25 Mar, 2016


Few hours back, we told you that Sunny Leone slapped a reporter, when he asked her a few inappropriate questions. She had gone to perform in Surat on the eve of Holi. But now Daniel Weber, Sunny’s husband, made an official statement to Indian Express,

“There is not a single fact of truth to this. It’s a shame that they did not fact check when someone just tells any random story. Even the quote is complete lie. We have called him and proved he has lied.”

We are still waiting for Sunny Leone to open up about this slapgate incident.




Daniel also stated that there were no interviews held:

”Nothing. We don’t know what this person is talking about as there were no interviews at the holi event. If anyone knows us then they would know this could never be true.”

Hence we reached a decent conclusion,



Well, a good lesson learnt today.