Sunny Leone Opens Up About Casting Couch In Bollywood And Her Statements Are Absolutely Valid

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6:41 pm 18 Nov, 2017


Sunny Leone needs no introduction. She was an outsider. She was an adult movie star. She didn’t speak Hindi well. Despite all this, she has become a Bollywood star. Moreover, she is making it big in a country where sex is still seen as a taboo.


We know that superstardom is a reality in the Bollywood industry, but there is another reality that reveals the nasty, dark side of Bollywood, it is the casting couch.

Casting couch has plagued Bollywood for long, as time and again actresses have shared their experience of dealing with the same. Even male actors have been the victims of this callous act by the Bollywood biggies.

Sunny Leone recently spoke about how she stayed away from casting couch. Well, all thanks to her husband. She says,

“I haven’t experienced the casting couch. I was sheltered by Daniel [Weber, husband] and my team. But does it exist in the industry? Absolutely! It’s not just the women, men too face similar issues.”

She also commended the strong women who stand against this issue. She continues,

“The more people speak, the louder the voice is going to be. This will instil faith in the young generation, especially women. There might be a day when our industry will be free of it. I’m proud of all the women who have taken a stand. I am proud to have made it on my own, and the best part is that I can say yes or no to whoever without having any fear.”


More power to these strong voices.