This Hilarious Reaction Of Sunny Leone On Seeing A Fake Snake Will Surely Make You Go ROFL

7:01 pm 26 Nov, 2017


Have you ever seen a snake in reality? Are you someone who is so scared of snake and would do anything, even kill, if someone ever show or came with one near you?

Well, a similar situation has happened to Sunny Leone when one of the crew members play a prank on her on set with a fake snake, the video of which she posted on her Twitter handle.


The knee-jerk reaction of the actress on seeing the snake is spontaneous but extremely hilarious.

In the video, Sunny Leone is seen sitting and reading a script probably when the unexpected happens. One of the crew members approaches her with a fake snake on his hand. He brings the life-like snake extremely close to her and make it move to and fro like a real one around the unsuspecting actress’ face and then throws it on her and runs away.



Snake prank


Sunny Leone struggles with a knee-jerk reaction to the seemingly live snake dropped upon her. Learning the danger, she instantly screams out and abruptly throws off the snake, and even the script she was holding, and runs after the person who threw it while the eye-witnesses are left in splits laughing at the way the actress has reacted on the prank.

You can check out the video of Sunny Leone’s hilarious reaction here below:


And everyone reacted with laughter:



Sunny Leone is gearing up for her upcoming film ‘Tera Intezaar’ with Arbaaz Khan. A few months back, Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber surprised everyone by adopting a baby girl from Latur. The actress said she is enjoying every second of her time with her daughter, and can’t wait to show her the entire world and teach her so many things.

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