Sunny Leone Wants To Put This Lady In Jail But For The Right Reason

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 5:46 pm

Yesterday, Priya Gupta, President (Films), T-series, tweeted this scary photo and created quite a stir.


This picture showed a woman dragging a swan out of water for a perfect click. Sunny Leone, a die-hard animal lover, who earlier spoke against the cruelty towards stray dogs in Kerala, expressed her anger.

Honestly, Sunny, putting her in jail is bit too harsh but she definitely should be taught a lesson. After all, animals deserve respect, freedom, love and compassion just as humans.

Some of her fans supported her opinions.

Some took it just too personally.


Well, Sunny, her point is also valid. Right?


Well, this guy suggested grilling that girl Mexican style.


An angry humanitarian spoke up.


Wait for it. The most craziest conclusion coming your way.


Sunny, swans will bless you. Hope your career boosts now.