Sunny Leone Sends Rice And Dal Again After Donating Rs 5 Crore To Victims Of Flood-hit Kerala

Updated on 27 Aug, 2018 at 11:34 am


Kerala has gone through one of the worst flood crisis in its entire history. Over 300 people have lost their lives, some said to be still missing, and thousands have been displaced and rendered homeless in the recent floods. However, thanks to everyone, especially the Indian armed forces, who have helped the people in the entire rescue operations. Meanwhile, while the state is struggling to get back to normalcy, people from all walks of life continue to contribute to the relief operations in the disaster-ravaged state. While many stars from the Indian film industry have also come forward and contributed, there are some who have won millions of hearts with their kind gestures. Among those is none other than Sunny Leone.

While stars like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Hassan have come forward and made their contributions to the relief fund, it is the actress Sunny Leone who won millions of hearts.



Recently, Sunny Leone was hailed by social media users after she reportedly donated a whopping Rs. 5 crore for the flood-hit victims. While the actress herself did not announce this officially, people are appreciating her kindness and generosity.

No wonder, as if that’s not enough for her, the actress, along with her husband Daniel Weber, has again contributed to the relief work by arranging over a thousand of kilos of rice and dal for the flood victims in Kerala. This time, she has announced about it on her Instagram page. Announcing the assistance, this is what Sunny Leone has written and posted.



It is well understood from her lines that Sunny Leone is a woman with a heart. She has written that with the little assistance, she and her husband will be “able to feed a few of the many people in Kerala”. Not many will have that sensitivity to say that. She has also admitted that the help is not at all enough for the required needs and expressed if she could do more.

She appreciated actors Prateik Babbar, Siddhant Kapoor and Suved Lohia for arranging the event to bring help to those flood victims in Kerala.



Meanwhile, it seems like Sunny Leone has a special connection with Kerala. The actress was earlier seen in a viral video being welcomed in Kochi by a massive crowd. And after the incident, she had even posted on Twitter. Thanking the people of Kochi, she had said that she will never forget God’s own Country. Whatever, we appreciate her kindness and generosity. Thank you, Sunny Leone.