Sunny Leone Talks About Her Driver Sending Her Dirty Messages

Updated on 28 Nov, 2018 at 3:04 pm


Indo-Canadian adult movie star Sunny Leone has established herself in Bollywood as a popular actress who is hugely in demand for films and ads.


Sunny Leone.

The beautiful actress has broken stereotypes and made a special place for herself in the industry. It seems that now after a few years of her existence in Bollywood, she is just irreplaceable. Not just a diva who dances on hit item songs, but there is more to it. Sunny is a humanitarian too. She has been associated with organizations that work for a cause.

She also adopted a baby girl some time back and proved that she has a heart of gold.



Sunny Leone with daughter and

Sunny is busy in promotions of her upcoming film named “Tera Intezaar” with Arbaaz Khan.


Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan during film

The duo has teamed up for the first time and will be seen romancing each other. When speaking to media recently at an event about this thriller love story, Sunny spilled some beans about an incident from her own life.

When asked if she ever sent a dirty text to a wrong person, Sunny replied thoughtfully saying, “I got one from the driver I had and then he was like Oh My God, I am so sorry.”


Sunny and Arbaaz during film promotions.

However, when the same question was asked from Arbaaz, he mentioned, “That has happened.”


This shows that Sunny is an expert in revealing her heart out and once again has put the things in front of everyone else, just the way they are.