Unveiling Sunny Leone’s Dark Past, The Porn Star’s Biopic Trailer Is Out And It’s Powerful

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Updated on 28 Nov, 2018 at 2:50 pm


Her sensual eyes and killer smile makes girls jealous and guys go crazy. However, it took a lot for her to reach where she is today. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the sensational Bollywood diva Sunny Leone. Her journey from the adult movie industry to Bollywood was not full of roses but she never gave up. No matter how many hit item numbers she has given and roles she has played in Bollywood movies, her past still haunts her. People still judge her because of her past profession and still tries to insult her on the basis of the same.

Fortunately, all her bad experiences have made her a lot stronger. Sunny has come a long way. She has a family, beautiful children, settled life and a great career. But, there is a lot that we don’t know about her. There is a lot that all those people should know about her who look at her with judgy eyes.



The actress has time and again opened up on her past. A lot of interviews given by her are filled with tears, sorrow, and explanations. Sadly, there are people who still call her impure and look down upon her. But, the actress herself has never said that the career she chose was wrong or she regrets about it. Sunny has always expressed about how proud she is of what she used to do and what she is today.


She might have told her story many times but what’s better than a movie?

The actress is back with her life story in the form of a biopic. The biopic is based on the actress aka Karenjit Kaur’s journey from being a middle-class Sikh girl based in Canada to her transformation into the most searched pornstar Sunny Leone and subsequently Bollywood’s gorgeous actress.


The movie is based on Sunny’s autobiography directed by Aditya Datt. Starring Raj Arjun, Rysa Saujani, Karamvir Lamba, Bijay Jasjit Anand, Grusha Kapoor, Vansh Pradhan and Marc Buckner, the sensational drama portrays the hardships the actress has been through while growing up.

The powerful trailer of the film Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone is out and we bet it will make you stick to the screen till the end.

From the trailer, we can assume that the movie revolves around how and what made Sunny take up the profession of an adult film actor and how her life changed afterward.

Check out the movie’s trailer below:



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