10 On-Point Answers Sunny Leone Gave During The Misogynist Interview

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 4:11 pm

CNN IBN’s Bhupendra Chaubey interviewed Sunny Leone and much to our surprise, cleared the myth that media personnel can be ethical. His sexist questions and misogynist approach really made us wonder if media can decide what an individual’s identity is and that it’s high time they draw a line between dignified and undignified journalism. Despite his persistent questions around Sunny’s past profession and how she has become the reason for India becoming the largest consumer of porn, Sunny kept her composure throughout. She is a great example of tolerant yet dignified woman.

Here’s the video of the interview:


Don’t forget to notice Chaubeyji going on justifying his questions saying “The reason why I was asking this question is ….” and saying “I have done *blah blah* research”.

Here are some of the smart ways in which Sunny answered Chaubeyji’s distasteful, unpalatable, offensive and horrid (I can go on with a list of adjectives for Chaubeyji) questions:


1. I don’t have any professional regrets; I have made mistakes just like anybody has or maybe made a wrong choice but I learnt from that wrong decision.

When Mr. Chaubey tried to get some spice out of Sunny by asking what was the one thing  that she regretted doing and that didn’t work for her. I am sure he expected her to give an answer about her porn profession and how she regretted doing that, but no, Sunny spoke the truth saying she is what she is because of her past and she doesn’t regret her professional decisions.


2. I don’t care about anyone else’s inhibitions or what they are insecure with if they are gonna work with me or not.

Chaubeyji went on with his mean questions saying no top stars wanted to work with her and how she handled all that. Further he asked:

“Would Aamir Khan want to work with you?,” she replied saying, “Probably not!”

He ends up saying, “Aamir would not like to work with you but you would like to work with Aamir?”, Sunny shut him up by answering, “Well, I have no idea. You have to ask him”.


3. I don’t have any horror stories. I wasn’t abused or beaten up; I wasn’t molested, I wasn’t raped.

Despite making it clear that she didn’t have any professional regrets, Chaubeyji still pestered in getting the answer he wanted, but Sunny stuck by her words and still said she would 100% do what she did because it is what has made her the person she is now.


4. I didn’t think of it as vulgar, I didn’t think it was wrong, I thought of it as being beautiful and being sexy.

When Mr. Chaubey again went back to her porn profession saying who would aspire to become a porn star and how did she become one, Sunny made it clear that she never considered it to be wrong as for her it meant to be free!


5. I am waiting for Obama to make a speech about me.

Sunny took the question on her stride when Chaubeyji asked how politicians were blaming her for corrupting people. She jokingly answered, “I am happy to be part of a political speech, if you think about me so much in your day that you want to put me in your speech”.


6. I don’t want your husbands; I have my own.

From where did Mr. Chaubey find out that Indian married women feel threatened by Sunny Leone as he went on and said that they felt their husbands are going to be taken away by her. Gosh! Mr. Chaubey definitely needs to go back to school! When Sunny took this question with a smile, he thought he wasn’t able to succeed in breaking her and said, “You don’t care about all this?” to which Sunny said, “It’s not that I don’t care, that every husband and wife should have a healthy relationship and at the end of the day I should not matter in their lives.”


7. If you have a reason to hate me because of your views, then that’s your prerogative.

Chaubeyji asked Sunny how she handled all the negativity and that people wanted him to ask her nasty questions and how she handled this extreme negativity. I mean, didn’t he get it when she said in the beginning of the interview that she doesn’t get affected by what people think of her and that she is working every day.


8. Like you are paid to sit to talk to me, I am paid to sit to talk to you.

How much could you stoop down Mr. Chaube?. When Sunny refused to give in to his demeaning questions, he asked Sunny if it was all about money and she said that it is something that she always wanted to do and, at the end of the day, it is business!


9. It’s everybody’s face and body that takes them everywhere when you work in entertainment.

When asked if it was her body that will take her further in this profession, Sunny gave the much honest answer.


10. I can leave if you want me to.

The statement that he passed next was very offensive when he said, “You see a Sunny Leone movie and you get morally corrupted, I wonder if I am getting morally corrupted because I am interviewing you”. How can he pass such a personal remark? If it much did bother him, he should have declined interviewing her, than having her there and insulting her.


Concluding the interview, he said, this talk is largely negative to which Sunny said:

Really, is this negative? I couldn’t tell!

And don’t forget to notice him advising her to be in a movie where she is all covered. Well Mr. Chaubey, you don’t get to decide that, Sunny Leone has fans that much supported her after your insensitive interview and her Twitter timeline proves that.