Sunny Leone Adopts A Girl Child And, As Usual, The Internet Cannot Stop Posting Hate Comments

5:47 pm 22 Jul, 2017


How difficult is it for us to move on from someone’s past? The country seems to be obsessed with Sunny Leone’s history of being a porn star. No matter which interview she gives, or what movies she does, somehow, she has to answer for her choices every time.

Sunny Leone and her husband, Daniel Weber, have embraced parenthood after two years of toiling and paperwork by adopting a 21-month-old baby girl, Nisha, from Latur. The couple has decided to keep the original name adding Kaur and Weber, i.e. Nisha Kaur Weber.

Sunny Leone and Daniel Webber with their adopted daughter Nisha Kaur Webber.Zoom TV/Twitter


Sunny is excited about becoming a parent but she will have to fight a lot of stigmas attached to her past professional choices and the fact that she adopted a child instead of giving birth to one. In India, adoption is seen as the last resort and looked down upon.

What saddens even more is that self-righteous people are “suggesting” Sunny not to make her daughter a porn star like her. People are worried what Nisha will think of her mother once she “gets to know”. Slut shamers have gone as far as calling this news “disgusting” and “shameful.”







But humanity and logic are not dead yet. There were people who shared the couple’s happiness and called out the haters. The incessant misogyny in the comments was also pointed out. Most importantly, the good souls of the internet congratulated the couple and recognized the goodness in the deed.





The fact is, adoption is a long and formal process. A couple is given the responsibility of a child only when they are deemed perfect to raise one.

The fact that Sunny and Daniel have welcomed a girl child means that they meet the parameters of being parents. Now, how they raise their daughter is no one’s business.