‘Pious’ Censor Board Couldn’t Handle Expletives So Banned ‘Mohalla Assi’

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6:03 pm 8 Apr, 2016


We were just getting ready to see Sunny Deol in an avatar which is polar opposite to what we have seen him so far each time he appears on the screen.

With ‘Mohalla Assi’, Deol would have covered his ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ under the sleeves of a kurta. But alas, it was not to be!


The Censor Board has banned the film. Surprisingly, its director Dr Chandraprakash Diwedi is himself a Censor Board member.

Dwivedi is the man who played Chanakya in the eponymous series.


‘Mohalla Assi’ is the movie-version of the acclaimed novel ‘Kashi ka Assi‘ by Hindi litterateur Kashinath Singh. The book as well as the film is full of expletives and cuss words. It is a satire on the increasing urbanization of the ancient city of Varanasi.

Beside Sunny Deol, the film stars famous TV artist Sakshi Tanwar in a leading role. Both their characters were heard mouthing all kinds of colourful words in a leaked trailer of the film.




In that were words such as ‘bhosri ke’, ‘chu**ya’, and ‘ran***an’ besides some sexual references liberally thrown around by the characters.


Even a character of Lord Shiva is shown to be uttering expletives.

The Censor Board has been criticized for behaving like a sanctimonious film body especially under its chief Pahlaj Nihalani.



Curiously, Diwedi had opposed the Censor Board’s cuts in Anushka Sharma’s film ‘NH-10’. Its latest decision of issuing a U/A certificate to the iconic children’s tale ‘The Jungle Book’ also evoked shock and criticism. Nihalani had laughably called the film ‘scary’.

With ‘Mohalla Assi’ now junked, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sunny Deol goes back to his muscular days and ear-splitting dialogue delivery.



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