Sunil Pal Is Sad Because Kapil Sharma’s Show Is Going Off Air, But It Has Made Everyone Mad

6:05 pm 2 Sep, 2017


Sunil Pal, the stand-up comedian, is heartbroken. Not that people are not finding him funny anymore. He enjoys a loyal fan following which is in absolute awe of his style of comedy.


But Pal is sad because of Kapil Sharma. Now before any recollection of the Sunil Grover incident makes you jump to conclusions, know that Kapil and Pal share a bond of mutual admiration and respect as two professional comedians.

Pal’s raison d’etre for his sadness is the news that Kapil Sharma’s namesake comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is going off air.



According to reports, the prime reason for the cancellation of the show is Kapil’s health problems. Some major episodes had to be cancelled because of Kapil falling ill.

Kapil himself told Pinkvilla that it is his health which is responsible for the cancellation of the show.

“Yes, I am just going to rest for some days. It is just a drop of a few episodes because I cannot ignore my health at this stage when my movie is also going to release and the coming schedule is going to be more hectic. I will come back with full force. I am thankful to the channel that they allowed me and did not put any pressure.”

Kapil’s show has not been without its controversies. A major one was the unceremonious exit of Sunil Grover. That tiff between the two made headlines.

Now in a video posted on Facebook, Pal laments the fall of the “iconic” show while citing the irreconcilable differences between Kapil and Grover along with Kapil’s health.

He says that it is a “very sad news” but it had to happen. He claims that he “had told both Grover and Kapil to work together for the sake of comedy”.



“Happy now?” he asks while claiming that the closure of the show is the end of comedy.

But Pal did not stop at that. He took his lamentation too far by accusing comedians who perform on YouTube channels for crass comedy.

“Comedy is now in the hands of YouTube comedians,” he says in an accusatory manner.

You can watch Pal’s lamentation here.

That’s what angered many on social media and Pal was flooded with comments which ranged from sarcastic to angry.


Facebook/Sunil Pal


It is likely that Sunil has been out-of-touch with the changing world of entertainment and comedy. He may find Kapil Sharma as the greatest comedian, but not everyone likes Kapil’s comedy.

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