Sunil Grover And Shilpa Shinde Performed A Steamy Rain Dance On Screen, Fans Enjoy #SuShil Memes On Twitter

4:14 pm 15 May, 2018


The sizzling rain dance episode of Shilpa Shinde and Sunil Grover is making the headlines on social media. As soon as the episode went on air, people started discussing the sizzling chemistry between the two. And now, it looks like the fans just can’t get over it!

The talented duo performed on a romantic number from the film “Hum Tum” and got a huge applaud from the audience. Ditching their usual comedy and regular stunts, the two got romantic on the stage. While Shilpa was wearing a crimson chiffon saree and looked drop dead gorgeous, Sunil Grover also looked amazing and indulged into the scene as the act progressed. After everything is said and done, people are just wondering – How could the two look so great together?


People are still playing the video again and again and checking out if this is the same Dr Mashoor Gulaati who used to crack jokes and made us laugh through his silly acts!

On Twitter the new trend is #SuShil and people are going gaga over it. Shilpa and Sunil Grover fans are not getting tired of discussing about it on Twitter.

Right now, the social media is filled with #SuShil memes and tweets. In-fact, people have found a new pair to talk about for the next couple of days. Let us take a look at some of the most amazing #SuShil memes.





Looks like Shilpa and Sunil are the new hot couple in town. Lets wait for a few more episodes of the show to air. Maybe the two have more  for their fans.

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